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Saturday, February 23, 2008

:Taja Rakan Sejawat (yang setaraf) dan ke Atas:

" Memang mudah menaja mereka yg bekerja utk kita, atau yg lebih muda, atau yg mudah kita pengaruhi oleh kerana beberapa kelebihan kita yg mengatasi mereka. Tetapi ia akan berkembang pesat sehinggalah kita menaja mereka yg setaraf dgn kita. "

-James Vagyi-

:: It's Up To You ::

"Kenalpasti masalahnya. Kenalpasti penyelesaiannya. Dan lakukan sahaja!"

-Jim & Nancy Dornan-

.::Fenomena Pemasaran Berangkai::.

Fikir dulu sebelum join mana2 pemasaran berangkai. Pastikan syarikat tersebut memenuhi keenam-enam syarat berikut:

Adakah produknya dijamin? Adakah syarikat tersebut menawarkan pembalikan wang tanpa soalan? Jika tidak, lupakan saja...

Adakah ia mengenakan yuran masuk yg tinggi? Atau mencadangkan anda membeli barangan yg banyak buat permulaan? Jika ya, perlu berhati2. Ia dinamakan front loading (membuat stok tanpa diingini). Syarikat tersebut tahu ia akan membuat untung drp anda di peringkat awal kerana ia tahu pelan pemasarannya lemah dan anda tidak akan dapat menjual barangannya dgn senang.

Bolehkah secara teorinya anda mendpt keuntungan lebih drp org yg menaja anda? jika tidak, anda mungkin terjebak dlm satu skim piramid yg haram.

Adakah syarikat tersebut mempunyai produk yg pelbagai? Lagi banyak produk, lagi senang membina rangkaian. Kurang masa yg diperlukan utk membina satu kumpulan pelanggan. Sedikit pelanggan membeli banyak produk menghasilkan sejumlah wang yg sama seperti byk pelanggan yg membeli sedikit produk. Ini akan membolehkan anda mendapat saluran wang segera ke dalam perniagaan anda dan pada waktu yg sama, anda boleh menumpukan perhatian kepada pembinaan sebuah rangkaian.

Pastikan syarikat tersebut mempunyai katalog. Di Amerika Syarikat, jualan melalui katalog sahaja telah melebihi jualan gedung2 yg besar. Ia merangkumi lebih drp 80% hasil jualan pemasaran berangkai. Anda tidak blh menafikan peratusan sebegitu.

Carilah syarikat yg besar yg blh memberikan perlindungan politik. Seperti yg blh anda bayangkan, tidak semua org gembira dgn perubahan yg berlaku dlm pasaran. Bergabunglah dgn syarikat yg blh menyediakan sokongan perhubungan awam.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Does It Make Sense?

We'd work hard anyway. 9am to 5pm. Earn RM2,000 to RM5,000 a month, which equates to RM24,000 to RM60,000 a year. Managing directors of companies, or CEOs, would earn around RM15,000 to RM20,000 a month, which sums up to RM180,000 to RM240,000 a year.

What if you could build your EMBRAND business within the next 12 months? Simply recommend how easy this program could work for them, and within a week, you'd get 5 people buying the idea. Each week drills you down 1 level in the EMBRAND commission structure, and within 8 to 9 weeks you could achieve level 7, and collect between RM90,000 to RM250,000 on the 10th week - that's about 2 and a half months from now!

In 12 months, you could actually foster 3 EMBRAND teams, and you'd generate RM270,000 to RM750,000 this year!

Give it a thought. Does it make sense? Work the EMBRAND business at night, in the evening, after work, and generate a side income that could be used for rainy days. Keep your job if you like it so much, but the point here, if suddenly you find yourself NEEDING money, you'd have that extra stash you could use, and not take it out from your salary.

Does it make sense?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take Baby Steps to Build Your Business

Your mind can only focus on oh-so-much.... If you want to sponsor 30 people into your business, you're gonna stretch out like mad and exert yourself into exhaustion. Once recovered, chances are you will remember the nightmare of trying to convince 30 people, and your hopes start to wane.

Why don't you take it easy? Like focusing on getting 5 people at a time? After the fifth person joins you, take some time off sponsoring, and go back to the 1st person and get them started properly into the programme.

One of my mentors said to my brother in law, Zahir, "Zahir, I'd rather sponsor 5 people and get them started properly, instead of sponsoring 30 to 40 people but all you get are sleeping partners". You see, by sponsoring a few people at a time and then help the few to learn how to sponsor other people will duplicate you in them. If you are able to duplicate your proactive self in your organization, I can guarantee that you will achieve tremendous success.

For example, my brother in law was recruiting 20 to 30 people a month into one of his networking business by showing 150 plans a month. Yeah, the results were impressive - he was proclaimed the "Champion Of The Month". However, none of the 20 to 30 people he sponsored were able to duplicate him, and when he had to attend to something else, or was sick, his group's recruitment dropped to almost zero. That's definitely not good for business.

Now, after my mentor told me about getting a handful of people started properly, I achieved greater success. You see, those who I did follow up on were able to take baby-steps in building their business - like sponsor 1 other person every 2 days, or 1 every 1 month - I was able to duplicate myself in more people out of about 10 people compared to those 30 to 40 people whom you did not have time to do follow up with (of course, if you try to sponsor 30 to 40 people a month, you would have to show about 150 plans, and when would you find the time to get all your people started properly?).

So remember - baby steps. Sponsor a few, and follow up the few. Then sponsor a few more, and follow up the new few.

Repeat this activity in you until it becomes a routine, until you can sponsor people almost on-demand. Cascade this routine to your team through your follow up, and you will have a business with a system that will generate you an income even while you sleep.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

List Out The Things You Want To Do Tommorrow

Here's a tip for you on how to increase your productivity on a day to day basis:

1. Every night, before you go to sleep, write 10 things that you need to settle or do tommorow;

2. In the morning, review your list of things to do, and start setting an aim for the day to settle or do as many as you can;

3. Strike out every item on the list that you manage to settle and do to completion; and

4. Review your list again every night, before you sleep, and ensure that you update your list of things to do tommorow.

This technique was reviewed from a book called "Work Smart, Not Hard" (can't remember the name of the author, though).

You see, you don't need to complete ALL 10 things that you have on your list in one day. However, the list provides you with a tool for you to focus on, much like a map for your everyday life.

Maps make our life easier in a foreign place, wouldn't you agree?

And think if your true potential is a foreign place to you.

::Kuasa List of Names::

" Sebaik sahaja nama-nama tersebut tertulis di atas sehelai kertas, mida separa sedar kita akan mula bekerja, cuba mencari jalan bagaimana untuk memasukkan mereka ke dalam rangkaian anda ".

-Angie Ross-

Business Resource: List of Names

Did you know that the most important resource that you can have is a list of names? It's not money, you know.

The longer your list of names, the better your chance at succeeding.Here, let's try it out.

List out 5 names of people who:

1. trust you;
2. has RM50; and
3. wants to make money.

Start approaching the 5 people offline, share with them the EMBrand plan, and see how quickly your business will grow.

Don't worry about people saying "No" to you - just say, "Next!" (to yourself, of course), and move on to the next person in the list until you find a "Yes."

If you've approached all 5, just continue write another 5 names, and share with them the EMBrand plan.Get the above activity to become a routine, and your success is going to be very predictable.

I know, because that's what I do.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't Judge A Book, Or A Website, By Its Cover

Seriously, I find the e-book "Tidak Perlu Kerja" ("No Need To Work") is incredibly well-written (it's in Malay though). Straight forward...

Yeah... seriously, highly recommended.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Will Until

I just came back from a Weekend Leadership Seminar in Cheras, and the speaker was Ronnie Kagan, a multimillionaire who flopped his business three times until he got it right with network marketing.

Something he said stuck in my head - "I will until".

Not, "I'll think about it", or "Maybe I'll give it a go", or "Sure, I'll try for 6 months".


He said, "I will until".

Friday, February 15, 2008

Objectives Completed

Whether you realize it or not, I've completed the 3 objectives I mentioned earlier, which are:

1. You want to know how easily YOU can make money online through programs such as EMBrand;

2. You want to know what kind of work is required for you to start making money (and I want to show you how manageable it is); and

3. You would go to the
EMbrand website, read the content, and decide if you want to give YOURSELF a shot at a better life.

I hope I have helped you, in one way or another.

NIKE Says, "Just Do It", And Decide To DO IT NOW!

Have you been guilty of thinking too much until you had no time to take any actions, or you think a zillion things until your brain feels tired and you'd figure you'd just take a rest or a nap?
Notice that you'd be thinking, and not doing anything in actuality.

Maybe you'd think that you would research more of the program before you'd join it. Or, after you have joined, you'd need to learn all the technical details of the affiliate plan because people you would show the plan to would be asking questions. Or you need to learn all the people skills, before you'd talk to anybody.

NIKE says, "Just do it". And I would suggest DO IT NOW. Do anything that you wanna do now. Do not delay or procrastinate.

If you want to give EMBrand a shot, DO IT NOW, or DO IT TODAY.

If you don't want to join the program, DECIDE NOW, or DECIDE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TODAY not to sign-up and stick to your decision, and go have a teh tarik (but do come back later for other stuffs that I would write).

More important than the program that is EMBrand, learn the power of making decisions. You can do anything you want - you just need to decide to do it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dream and Focus On What You Want To Achieve

If you don't have a dream, or don't believe enough in your dream, you wouldn't get your 5 people in 5 months. Or 12 months. You would just gonna move on to something else, and slowly forget the EMBrand opportunity...

The point here is not about EMBrand - it's about people who are not clear on what they want to achieve, will not have the sufficient FOCUS to succeed in anything. People who are not focused would normally live on routines, and not go very far, because they are easily distracted.

Try building other businesses - your own Sdn Bhd - and you'll find that you'll close shop quicker than you think if you are not focused on how much you need to make in a month, or a year.

Try being in a job where the boss throws so many things at you and you'd have trouble focusing on any one of them - you'd end up stressed, defeated, and cursing your life.

Dream of something. Then focus on what you want to achieve.

How Much Work YOU Have To Do To Make YOUR Money?

You need to wake up at 6am, wade the jam with all the sun or the rain or the smog, be at the office by 9am, say "YES" to all the toilet-bowl chores your boss gives, que-up during lunch time, say more "YES" to all the toilet-bowl chores that comes in during lunch because your boss cannot help but push it to you, clock out the office at about 5pm (if you are lucky) and wade through the jam with all the other ill-tempered drivers and motorists (because they had their toilet-bowls too!), reach home after about 2 hours, and then you'd be left with about 4 hours before you go to sleep, and wake up at 6am, wade the jam with all the sun or the rain or the smog....

Hold on! Look at that 4 hours available after you reach home.

What if you use 2 hours out of that 4 hours to call up a good friend, invite him/her for a cafe session, and show the EMBrand Affiliate Plan to him/her? Ask your friend if he or she would know 5 other people who could see the sense in spending RM50 to start building a business concept that could bring in more than RM200K a year.

Assuming your friend says "Yes" and joins you in your EMBrand venture, you would have traded TV time for a successful sale that would bring YOU your financial freedom.
Let's say you give it a rest tommorow, and only sit down with another friend or family the day after. And let's assume you'd sign up that friend too.

Following this pattern, in 1 week which consists of 7 days, you would have signed up 3 to 4 people already!

Ok. Let's consider the law of average. Not everybody you show the plan to will sign up. Let's assume that out of every 3 people you show the plan to, 1 joins.

How many friends or familes do you need for your EMBrand business? 5 right?

So, mathematicaly, if you show the plan 3 times a week, and 1 signs up, that means you would routinely sign-up 1 person every week, and therefore, you would complete your 5 referrals in 1 month and 1 week, or 5 weeks.

The total number of hours you would have invested in building your EMBrand affiliate proramme is:

2 hours x 3 days x 5 weeks = 30 hours
to start building a foundation for you to earn more than RM200K in that year (which is about RM16,000.00 a month).

Compare the number of hours you work at your office in the same 5 weeks:
8 hours x 5 days x 5 weeks = 200 hours
to earn a monthly income of RM2,000 to RM5,000 (which translates to RM24,000 to RM60,000 per year).

So how much work would you want to do to make YOUR money?

How Easily YOU Can Make Money

Okay, I'll still use EMBrand as the programme for this tutorial. Please bear in mind that whatever you decide to do is entirely your decision (read the terms and conditions on the site), and I am merely using it to illustrate the business concept that is popular on the Internet nowadays.

However, if it makes you feel better, I don't teach what I don't do myself - I have paid the registration fee that EMBrand asks for, and I am actively doing the work required.

Nuff said.

So, let's take a look at the EMBrand Sales Plan (under "Plan Affiliate" on the website):

1. EMBrand pays referral commisions to its you (if you promote their program) a set amount of RM depending on how many tiers or level of referals you have managed to sell the programme to. This is a fairly normal business deal, even for conventional business - e.g: Banks gives commissions to their sales executives who managed to sign up people for their credit card, home loans and mutual funds campaigns; a car salesman gets a certain percentage on the cars he/she manages to sell. So no problem here.

2. If you promote the EMBrand programme to people, and they in return signs up and pays the RM50 registration fee, you'd get a commission of RM2 for each paid sign-up. That's a 4% commision there (you'd get much less normally in our day-to-day world). However, through the technology of the Internet, a program such as EMBrand leverages on the capabilities of online affiliate systems to track sign-ups at a deeper level (in this case up to 7 levels).

3. EMBrand bases its commission structure on a matrix system of 5x7 (5 people through 7 levels of commission) as its renumeration package to you, if you promote their programme. Please refer to the "Plan Affiliate" on EMBrand's website.

Notice how simple YOU can make money out of an affiliate program such as EMBrand? Level 7 seems an awful and unbelievable amount of money, but do your mathematics - there's no denying the calculation works. From a business point of view, the programme is even worth it at level 2, because if you achieve level 2, then you would already make a profit of RM10!

Next, I'm gonna show you how level 7 is easily achievable.

Stay tuned.

Online Case Study: The EMBrand Programme

Ok... let's explore something while having something to actually work on.

Having an activity is critical, because as humans we tend to learn and learn and learn and do nothing. By doing nothing, you will achieve nothing.

Consider this a tutorial.... First, let's make clear of our objectives:

1. You want to know how easily YOU can make money online through programs such as EMBrand;

2. You want to know what kind of work is required for you to start making money (and I want to show you how manageable it is); and

3. You would go to the EMbrand website, read the content, and decide if you want to give YOURSELF a shot at a better life.

Now that we are clear on what we want to achieve, read on.

PS: For the next part, you might want to have 2 browser's open at the same time: one for this blog, and the other for Embrand, because it would be troublesome to click the browser's NEXT and BACK button soooo many times....

Mulling Over E-Business

After some quick scanning (thank god I have mobile CEP in my organization!), I realize that online businesses are a HUGE potential!

It is a very lucrative business if only we would work on it!

For example, let's just look at a programme that I just recently signed-up at EMBRAND (a Malaysian affiliate programme) - It is simply a mathematical equation of compounding commissions that could actually generate an affiliate member commissions from as low as RM10, to as lucrative as RM200,000 ++ !

However, the key is to WORK ON IT. You won't get results if you do not work on it. Like, if you get yourself a job with a company, after signing the offer letter, you decide not to go to the office - do you thnik your employer would pay the promised salary at the end of the month?

I think not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everybody Deserves To Have More And Be More - Yes! I'm talking about you!

I just came back from my weekly business session in Taman Tun, and since it is the first week of the month, we have a leaders meeting. Something unusual for me, since I haven't thought of building business ever.

But listening to others who are building a business from scratch, I had taken for granted that I was one of the few who were desperate of a better life. Now, looking back, I came to see more and more people should deserve more.

Not just the goal-getters, but those who work like h**l for their employers, and also those who just clock in and clock out on the dot to fulfill the attendance requirements - I mean everybody SHOULD DESERVE MORE. It's just that not enough people are showing them HOW.

I'm gonna try and make as many lives as possible to become better, by teaching as many people as I can of what I know.

And ETDP is one of the thing that I will see to fruition.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

.:: Tercipta Untukku - UNGU ::.

Menatap indahnya senyuman diwajahmu
Membuat ku terdiam dan terpaku
Mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
Saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku

Banyak kata
Yang tak mampu kuungkapkan
Kepada dirimu

Aku ingin engkau slalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Disetiap langkah
Yang meyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku
Sepanjang hidupku

Aku ingin engkau slalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Disetiap langkah
Yang meyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku
Meski waktu akan mampu
Memanggil seluruh ragaku
Ku ingin kau tau
Ku slalu milikmu
Yang mencintaimu
Sepanjang hidupku

Aku ingin engkau slalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Di setiap langkah
Yang meyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku
Meski waktu akan mampu
Memanggil seluruh ragaku
Ku ingin kau tau
Ku slalu milikmu
Yang mencintaimu

Saturday, February 2, 2008

:: Rescue ::

Awal2 pagi dah dengar bunyi heli.. cari budak hilang tu ke? 

Berlari la aku masuk bilik grab Nikon SLR.
Jom close-up sikit, tgk sape nyer heli..
ooo... bomba nyer

Tgk apa depa buat.... banyak kete bomba...