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This is my story about my life; plus where  I spent my time and money to. And I wanna share what I've done during my past 10 years back. I dedicated this story to my beloved family and friends out there. 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

:: Ulang tahun UPM ::

Seperti biasa.... Prof Maznah akan dapat satu booth utk pameran hasil kajian.. and biasanya mmg akan letak poster related to brown rice or rice bran. Hot cookies...

With Prof Maznah and kaum kerabat lab yang dibenarkan pergi... Hihihi..

K Ina and Us... pun nak bergambar dgn Canselor-canselor UPM

Diapit hanya dua lelaki kat lab... x kelas kan... depan booth kami..

With my sayang... of course....