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This is my story about my life; plus where  I spent my time and money to. And I wanna share what I've done during my past 10 years back. I dedicated this story to my beloved family and friends out there. 

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

:: Malacca Visit ::

Owh, I'm sick.. Help... Fever...
Early entry to lab.. terrible... nearly fainted..
Firdaus asked me to have a nap
Could I?

Owh... I had to go to Malacca. Foundry Engineering..

See... Thats me.. Looking at the machine; producing snack foods like Cheezel, Twisties.. But, we're not producing that kinds of stuffs. TOP SECRET.. till we got patented to it. Just wait..

That's our product looks like.. Brown rice + Rice bran. Commercial name? Dun have...

Wanie, Cathe and Aziz... my loyal assisstant.. Luckily I have them with me.. Tolong akak ye...

Me : Cathe, Wani.. pegang elok2 plastik tu. Aziz, ko buat ape tu?

Aziz : Ish, saya mandor je. Ha, Wani, pegang. Cathe, nape tutup mata tu. Tido lak..

Wani : Amboi2....

At last.. we did buy this "Pop-corn" machine.. with difficulties. Penat kena kejo Bendahari..