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This is my story about my life; plus where  I spent my time and money to. And I wanna share what I've done during my past 10 years back. I dedicated this story to my beloved family and friends out there. 

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

::JB 01::

Malas cite banyak. Kasi gambar berkata2...

On arrival...

Farewell party utk senior oleh pasukan hoki UTM

Nasi goreng cine dan ayam barbeque

:: JB 02 ::

First hotel.... Crystal Crown Hotel... walaupun mahal... x berbaloi. Harap je besor biliknya.. Menyesal duk siniiiiii... Standard tak sama mcm Crystal Crown PJ. Yg kat PJ tu, aku leh duk seminggu dgn amannya...

Skrg, siap2 nak check out... Pindah hotel lain lak. Dah browse internet malam tadi. Nasib bawak laptop and maxis mobile. xle boring sgt. 

View from our Family Room

HHMMMM... atr Mutiara.. Hyatt... or Puteri Pan... mana ye?????

Thursday, April 24, 2008

:: Professional Development Resources at Eilham Technopreneurs Development Programme ::

Dear readers,

" Expert share their wisdom; business legends tell their stories and explain how they did it and why,
and how others can do it too. "

So, let me share with you something that I found valuable for all of us; either you are a student, employee, employer, politicians, business minded or also for normal people...

1. Education, Duplication and Empowerment
As with professionals in any industry, the quality and availability of support tools and mentoring can be a major factor in determining the level of success achieved. Success people get resources from CD's, videos, multimedia and printed materials to boost their motivation for maximum effectiveness.

2. Right From The Start
Its better to get comprehensive packages such as Starters Package or Learn From the Beginning Kits to get started and running quickly and effectively.

3. Ongoing Education
If you can find regular tutorials provided by Eilham Technopreneurs Development Programme keep this new technopreneurs informed and connected through online forum by professionals. The latest techniques, success stories and strategies are discussed by the top global leaders and IT experts... all to assist in the delivery of information and development of skills considered necessary by many man for growth and success.

4. Smart Technology
Hi-tech assistance in a hi-touch environment through the provided website like Eilham Technopreneurs Development Programme or exclusively for their members through online forum. Through this forum, you can get 'face-to-face' like mentoring session. Just ask any questions, anything about
business, human development or even how to make large networking only by drink coffee, smile and shake hands. Or simple use that website to check out events and seminars happening near you.

5. Personal Mentoring
A sophisticated but simple program of personal coaching available on regular basis from other who have succeeded. A total team of like-minded achievers, working together for the feeling of being a business for yourself.. but not by yourself.

Proper utilization of these valuable business resources can greatly leverage your achievements and has been shown to bring predictability to the goals and dreams of many...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tempat keje...

Ni la 'gua' kerjaku... the place that I luv to spend my time with

My work place

Masyuk tak???